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La Pachamama


{the "La" signifies the interwoven connection that the goddess has with Nature}

She is a "World Mother”, known as a benevolent fertility goddess revered by the Andean people. In Incan mythology PachaMama is honored for creative power to sustain life on this earth, giving an abundance of Blessings to those who honor Gaia.  
I have created this blend in honor of this Sacred energetic vibration of the Earth with all of her healing capacities. This simple combination will clear the atmosphere, assist with calming and soothing the energies and creating a Sacred space.
Also when misted onto the body with its protective traits it will enhance immunity, offer antiviral assistance and facilitate anti-inflammatory attributes.

Into the German Blue hydrosol {Matricaria recutita chamomillia} I have immersed the Holy Wood essential oil of Palo Santo {Burserea graveolens}.

1 ounce mist @ $12.00
2 ounce mist @ $22.00