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BORONIA Absolute Boronia megastigma (Nees) solvent extraction  Flowers  Australia          

*Technically  this solvent extract  forms to the  concrete then is  followed by further alcohol extraction to produce the absolute.

We source this directly  from our reputable supplier in Australia. Actually they found some of this most unusual lovely floral for Nature’s Spirit by request. This true clean absolute is rare. The yield is tiny & the perfumeries typically will not invest in the natural materials to create the modern perfumes which are now days mainly synthetic copies.  A fabulous pure parfum component, it carries the mysterious charm from  days long ago. Very rich mildly herbaceous floral essence. Lingering layers with elusive undertones make this rather dreamy in character. Adds a charing  uniqueness and character to a parfum.  

*We have a small amount that I am willing to share some to the connoisseurs that shop with Nature’s Spirit. 

Pricing & availability at the moment (Now Valentine’s Day 2017) 

1ml @$108.00        5ml @$400.00