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An Aromatic Journey through the Chakras

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Experience an “AROMATIC JOURNEY through the CHAKRAS” 

  Each Chakra synergy will be discussed as we experience the feeling it evokes as we experience it. We will take the time to meditate with the aromatic vibratory energies and  then share our thought about each center as we journey through this mystical field that our bodies encompass.  Taking this personal time for sitting with, breathing in and allowing ourselves to be in the moment is of great value.
Having the set of Aromatherapeutic blends will allow one to recapture the  feeling that was encountered at a later time and space. Scents are keys to memories, so the object is to be able to return to that sacred space as we experience the synergistic blends. Each formulation corresponds to a particular chakra, yet they as we are all united.


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COST: $133.00 This includes a  CHAKRA SYNERGIES SET
    All 7 of each individual blends that are extended into 8ml jojoba with a spherical applicator @ $133.00 (saving $26). Individually priced totals $159.00   
A  gift of a colorful  Guatemalan cotton zippered pouch is included to carry them in. 

           Please contact Doreen to register. 321-632-1221 or  This must be prepaid in order to accommodate space and needed materials. You my pay on line at under the upcoming  classes also, located  on the top right side of home page. 

It is vital that everyone be fragrance free for this session. Anything with an artificial fragrance would interfere with the integrity and purity of the essential oils. We will provide simple healthy organic snacks and water along with an herbal tisane. We want to be clear to feel and smell the variety of essential oils we will be reviewing. Also most important is that the Ashram guidelines are not to have any eggs, fish, meat, garlic, onions or alcohol  on the premises. Thank you for honoring this. And of course be tobacco/smoke free.