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This Organic East African Shea Butter (Vitellaria nilotica) has a high content of non- saponifiables & unique fatty acid giving it the ability to moisturize & retain elasticity of the skin. Useful for dry & cracked skin, eczema, psoriasis & sun damaged skin.This is produced in Northern Uganda using a pure water filtration technology to carefully process without the use of chemicals,helping to retain its viable nutrients. It is also beneficial during pregnancy, helping the skin retain greater elasticity, therefore reducing the appearance of stretch marks. East African Shea Butter alone for those who desire no scent or wish to add in their own mixture of available pure essential oils.                                4 oz. pot @$28.00

“BABIES BUNDA”                                                                             A Gentle yet potent rash remover/reducer. Made to diminish rashes & accelerate skins healing. May be used all over the body  for moisturizing including the face.  Many people have told me how they have had extraordinary results with use of this blend, such as  reducing scar tissue & minimizing age spots.
Lavender* Wild Chamomile * Rosa Damascena into East African Shea Butter.
4 oz. pot@
$62.00    1⁄2 oz pot@$11.00 

“BLUE BALM”                                                                                                                         An extra ordinary healing cream that will readily absorb into the tissues assisting respiration & cardiovascular functions, powerfully immune enhancing.
Frankincense* Blue Chamomile*Inula*Hyssop*Violet Leaf* Helichrysum*Yarrow*
Amni Visnaga into East African Shea Butter.   2 oz  pot@
$26.00   4 oz pot @$48.00 

“BODY BEAUTY BALM”                                                                                                                          A luxurious nutritive moisturizing & protecting skin balm for all over. Lightly scented for adding pleasurable & soothing aromatic traits in everyday skin care.
Lavender Provence* Rose Geranium * Palmarosa *Frankincense* Vanilla  into East African Shea Butter.     4 oz. pot @

“CITRUS SHEEN”                                                                              A nourishing blend to smooth the structure of the skin, reduce wrinkles & prevent stretch marks. Recommended to be used during pregnancy. The essential oils also aid digestion & prevent nausea. Wonderful for all over skin care. {Be cautious in the sun.}
Mandarin* Grapefruit* Orange* Palmarosa* Rose Geranium * Lemon into East African Shea Butter. 4 oz. pot @

COCOA BELLA”                                                                                                                            Delightful chocolate aroma. The Cocoa enriches the skin while the Nutmeg stimulates the senses. A great moisturizer & could be lots of fun for a romantic interlude!
Cocoa Absolute * Nutmeg *Ambrette seed into Shea Butter Cream.
4oz pot @

“CONNECTION”                                                                                                                                    Deep Healing. A penetrating treatment for body’s alignment. This will ease muscular fatigue & nourish the cellular structure of the body from outside in.
Marjoram* Wild Chamomile* Lavender Barreme* Yarrow* Neroli * Helichrysum into East African Shea Butter.
                                                                                                                                        4 oz. pot @ $42.00 1⁄2 oz pot@ $10.00 

“FAIRY DREAMLAND”                                                                        A soothing synergy to quiet the mind, relax energies& accompany sweet dreams. Intended for all ages. May be used everywhere, especially on the feet for babies .          Lavender;High altitude*Marjoram*Frankincense*Clary Sage*Neroli*Vetyver*
Himalayan Cedarwood*Spikenard into East African Shea Butter Cream. 
                                        4 oz. pot @$38.00 

“JOYFUL HEALING” A version of one of my most effective healing remedies. This is made lighter (less costly than Joyful Healer in jojoba) It may be used as an all over massage cream to relax the mind and the muscles therefore gently reducing stress & body fatigue. Circulates the life’s flow of energy within the tissues and organs inside the body.
Marjoram* Cypress* Ginger* Juniper* Frankincense*Thyme * Rosemary into East African Shea Butter.
                                                                                                                                                      4 oz. pot @$29.00 

“TIBETAN TIGRESS”                                                                                                                       This potent mixture for pain relief should not be used during pregnancy due to stimulating plant oils. Boosting circulation & easing muscular tension. *Birch*WhiteCamphor*Peppermint*Eucalyptus Smithii* into East African Shea Butter.             4 oz. pot@ $33.00 1⁄2 oz pot@$8.50 

“WOUND HEALING”                                                                         An antiseptic mixture to heal small wounds, insect bites & minor skin irritations. Styptic quality will help to close & heal tissue . Great for gardening & sports. Lavender* Thyme* Lemon* Rose Geranium*  Myrrh into East African Shea Butter.                                             4 oz. pot @$33.00         1⁄2 oz pot@$9.00   

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