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Ocimum basilicum is an Herb that offers steam distilled leaves & tiny flowers from Egypt 
This is also referred to as "French Basil " which does grow in Egypt as well as other countries besides France.

This Aromatic Herb helps concentration. The components stimulates thought process as it alerts the mind. It is also known to ease bronchitis & other respiration complaints. Held in legend to bring prosperity, the intensely awakening and stimulating traits may bring positive actions for abundance.

10ml @$26.00 1oz @$74.00

This should be avoided during pregnancy in any intense amount.

Even though Basil is one of my most favored herbs I rarely utilize the tremendous benefits of the essential oil. Every home that I have inhabited has had Basil planted either in the yard or in a pot. I have scattered seeds from my plants everywhere I have lived or had a shoppe and for decades I gave away the seeds to customers that liked to plant.

Basil has been always been a herbal aromatic with much significance to me. I am so pleased that I began by pouring this essential oil today. I plan on using it more often...........

Basil brought me to the awareness of how many people really could benefit from more mental clarity. Just inhaling the energy from this herb will clear the mind and open up breathing capacities. This is a great essential oil to add into the atmosphere. Blending with Bergamot brings clarity of mind and better balance to the nervous system.

I like the synergies the best,that's why formulating and originating blends is what I do. And I believe the combinations help to better balance the attributes in both an energetic and aromatic way.

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Doreen and Thomas DuJardin

Mindful Motivation - $21.00

As it's named: 
Increasing alertness & awareness of the power within. 
Rosemary, Bay Laurel, Lemon, Lime, Basil, Coriander, Cardamon & Clove. 
Into a 2 oz Neroli Hydrosol to mist the body & atmosphere @ $21.00

Focus Concentration - $20.00

This is a blend encompassed within a jojoba carrier base, allowing the synergy to be applied directly onto the body. It is best utilized when placed under the nostrils to allow entrance into the olfactory zone and onto the temples to permeate into the minds awareness.

FOCUS/CONCENTRATION Generates brain messages which stimulate, invigorate & encourage ideas with actions & ambitions.Uplifting. Positive healing energies aligning the body with spirit & soul. 

Bergamot, Basil, Rosemary, Rose Geranium, Grapefruit, Mandarin, Petitgrain, Hyssop, Lemon, Coriander, Nutmeg & Mysore Sandalwood in jojoba.

NEW: 8ml in a spherical applicator @$11.00 

1⁄2 oz @$20.00 

1 oz @$35.00

Basil - $26.00 
PROSPERITY (contains pure essential oils only) 

Invigorating inspiring & activating energies to increase mental capabilities & energies. 
Basil*Frankincense*Patchouli*Nutmeg* Clove Bud. 
10ml @$28.00 1oz @$80.00

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The JULY SPECIAL is offering you an

"Inspirational" item as your gift.

With each item ordered you will receive a dram vial with either an essential oil or a blend as a gift. If it is a rather costly one it may be a 1ml. It will be something along the nature of what is written here.

Many Blessings and Peace.