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Greetings Everyone,

Happy June!!

We are keeping very busy with updating the website with new creations and adding in bulk pricing. Not having a retail store front enables me to write more and keep creating new items.

*Be sure to check all your emails for the specials!

Here is a list of specials for the month of June. We will list monthly specials regularly and the offering will be good through that specific month. This will keep it easier to plan purchasing. The new items and write ups will be in other separate e-mails.

Keeping our skin protected from the sun is always important especially as the summer solstice approaches. There are many ways to be smart about this and we contribute to that by offering some excellent skin care creations. The Apres Soliel body blend is helpful in skin care, assisting with some sun protection and beneficial nutritive qualities. The Shea Butter has some shielding effects and is extraordinary in moisturizing the skin. 
Lavender will ease burns and also prevent them. The essential oil of Lavender is excellent to add into the Shea Butter too !

For these specials just put in what you are paying for as your item purchase & the gifts will be included.


Purchase 1 - 2 ounce bottle 
and get a free 1 ounce size. 
Purchase 2 - 2ounce size 
and get 1 free 2 ounces size bottle.

SHEA BUTTER (unscented) 
*With each 4 ounce container purchased you will receive 1 4 ounce container free. 
Limit of 5 for this special.

(That means buy 5 get 5 free!!!!!)

Lavendula angustifolia steam distilled from the flowering tops in Bulgaria. 
Smooth, soft & sweet lavender from the land of Roses. Vibrational healing on all levels.

▪ a dram(4ml) free with a 10 ml purchase
▪ a free 10ml with the ounce purchase
▪ a free 1 ounce size bottle with the purchase of 2 -1 ounce size

Enjoy the selections. 
Please check back for each months offering.

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You may order directly on line at 

call 321-632-1221

Be Blessed with Wellness & Peace 
Doreen & Thomas DuJardin

Apre Soleil - $36.00


A nutritive, cellular regenerating complexity of pure essential oils to reduce wrinkling & deterioration of the effects of sunburn & /or other damage to the skin due to environmental factors or just natural aging. Application will calm & soothe the nerves while nourishing the skins structure & healing from the outside in. in.

Lavender, Rose Geranium, Frankincense, Carrot Seed, Palmarosa & Wild Chamomile are immersed into jojoba for total body application. 
A special 2oz bottle @ $36.00

East African Shea Butter (unscented) - $28.00


This Organic East African Shea Butter (Vitellaria nilotica) has a high content of non- saponifiables & unique fatty acid giving it the ability to moisturize & retain elasticity of the skin. Useful for dry & cracked skin, eczema, psoriasis & sun damaged skin.This is produced in Northern Uganda using a pure water filtration technology to carefully process without the use of chemicals, helping to retain its viable nutrients. It is also during pregnancy; helps skin retain greater elasticity, reducing the appearance of stretch marks. We offer East African Shea Butter for those who desire no scent or wish to add in their own mixture of available pure essential oils. 
4 oz. pot @$28.00


Lavendula angustifolia steam distilled from the flowering tops in Bulgaria 
Smooth, soft & sweet lavender from the land of Roses. Vibrational healing on all levels. 
10ml @$16.00

1oz @$44.00