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Neat essential oils should typically not be applied directly onto the skin. They are potent, very concentrated and will go a long way in achieving the desired goals, which consist of many variables.

Straight essential oils & synergies (mixtures) may be utilized in quite a variety of ways, it all depends on the plant and it’s purpose along with the intention and application.

Adding essential oils into the atmosphere will add much more than just a scent. The amazing molecular structures of these botanicals will add healthy components which in turn will optimize the air quality. Again, there are numerous choices and a great variety of pure essences to choose from. 

This is NOT to be confused with any type of artificial fragrancing  . 

Most  scented commercial products are loaded with all sorts of toxic chemicals  and others components which are dangerous for the body and mind. These fumes are toxins that  go straight to their brain’s most sensitive neurological centers and have many adverse health effects.

Back to the purpose here: Pure essential oils have many variable prices.The essential oils come from various plants and different parts of the botanicals. Growing conditions, climate, soil, integrity of processing and the yield of the derived botanical is what determines the cost. It should vary.

Sometimes these small bottles filled with these plant liquids seem costly. Some are. However, when understood they are actually very affordable besides being extremely beneficial to the body, mind and Spirit. Hence, one usually would not choose Rosa damascena for cleaning. Green and Citrus choices are best for sanitization and purification; fortunately the cost of the more common herbs and citrus is much less, therefore  very affordable.

For example: In our Household section for Cleaning there are various blends such as Kitchen Kleen & Ozone Ionizer that are synergies of straight essential oils to be used for sanitization and purification while cleaning. They may be utilized by the following ways:

  • Add a few drops of the blend into a basin of water & swish about to sponge clean
  • Add into a bucket for mop water for floors & porches (rinse separately to make it last)
  • Mix with baking soda or “Bon Ami” along with hydrogen peroxide for foaming action 
  • Fill a glass or PET plastic bottle with water, then add the essential oils to mist area
  • Add essential oils with water & vinegar to clean counter surfaces, basins and tubs
  • Add a few drops of essential oils into laundry and onto a cloth for the dryer to purify
  • Add essential oils into a pot of steaming water to purify & refresh  air & atmosphere  

By utilizing the essential oils in thee various ways one will notice how cost effective they are.  The ingredient list is usually mainly  composed of water even in the natural choices of cleaning products, so adding the components &  simple creating there is less waste going into the recycle bin from packagi




The easiest way to use Aromatherapy  in everyday life is to have the blends made up and ready for everyday situations. Nature’s Spirit offers many blends to assist with wholisic wellness. Even though we may not say that these botanical heal the body, we do attest that  they certainly add many positive benefits especially when incorporated  with a lifestyle of healthy food and beverage, proper use of the body and a good mindset.

Since 1988 I, through Nature’s Spirit have been formulating synergistic botanical blends that assist the body systems. By creating wholistic remedies the entire body is considered while emphasizing the area of concern with each blend. When the essential oils are added into the carrier base the blends may then be directly applied to the body. Although the blends are of safe proportion and completely pure, one must consider their personal needs. Sometimes a blend should be avoided if pregnant or nursing. A smaller percentage of essential oils should be used for babies, the elderly and those with frail constitutions. We make NO medical claims. We offer botanical blends that have naturally occur ing chemical constituents that are known to be beneficial. 

Example: PEACEFUL BREATH is a blend that I created for myself back in 1988 to ease the symptoms of what is commonly referred to as asthma. I apply this onto my chest, sinuses and under my nostrils to ease the symptoms  with the five  plant components  which are Bergamot, Rosemary, Hyssop, Juniper & Frankincense that I incorporated into jojoba to enhance lung performance, and to assist in detoxifying the inner organs on the cellular level. ( Disclaimer:With this one must be aware that if they are prone to seizures Rosemary may not be a good choice.) 

There are many other blends such as  JOYFUL HEALER  for the muscles , POSITIVE MENTAL STATE for the reproductive system and various others listed on the website at The stronger blends are listed as therapeutic to maximize efficacy. There are many LIGHT ESSENCES which are a lower percentage of essential oils (they are lighter in price also)  that my be used more liberally. 

There are blends created in East African Shea butter both to enhance pleasure and reduce pain. This base is very emollient and therefore is wonderful for dry skin.

Hydrosols are plant waters that are  have different uses from the essential oils that pass through them. I often add essential oils into them for mysts for the body and also  to aromatize the atmosphere. 

Facial Beautification is a specialty of Nature’s Spirit. MORNING DEW beautifies & nourishes as it rejuvenates cellular activity.  This luxurious skin benefactor intended for face, delicate areas & parfum points. It consists of Bulgarian Rose, Neroli, Rose Geranium, Mysore Sandalwood, Frankincense, Myrrh, Sage, Patchouli & Rosemary in  a jojoba base.

PURE PARFUMS and METAPHYSICAL ANOINTMENT BLENDS my specialties.The methods of application though are the same basic procedure though. Be Safe & Be Well. Please be Mindful, these precious botanicals are life enhancing and a Blessing from Nature. HOW TO USE PURE ESSENTIAL OILS

Essential oils are potent concentrations from particular plant energies & may be used individually or combined together. They should be blended synergistically & extended for body use, or used “neat” (straight) in small portions. Also be sure of your source & use only the highest quality oils. Nature‘s Spirit, Inc. provides only those oils which are 100% pure wild crafted, eco-cultivated &/ or organic so you are assured to receive the best product available to experience.

CAUTION - Most essential oils are NOT to be used internally. They are highly concentrated plant extracts, which may be dangerous if ingested so proper knowledge of use is necessary. I suggest you first refer to the list of reference books on page 1 if you insist on this type of application. 


Place 1-2 drops on dash board, floor, or rear view mirror ornament. Can be used to help keep driver alert, & to help keep germs & environmental pollutants away. Empowers the mood & mind. 

The bactericidal properties of essential oils make them ideal for air purification. Create your own atmosphere (relaxing, invigorating, refreshing, mood elevating etc.) by combining a synergy of oils. Methods include placing 3-4 drops on a dust rag, feather duster, fan blades, clay pots, light bulb rings, candles, air conditioning filters, pillows, handkerchiefs, tapestries, stuffed animals, etc. to enhance the environment everywhere.

Cotton balls may be dabbed with essential oils & place on top of computer or in other areas to emit their qualities. Place drops on a pretty linen & let the scent permeate the atmosphere. They may also be made into spritzers by adding into distilled water for the air.
Add about 5-10 drops to water & stir briskly. Use gentle florals, woods or resins. Avoid spicy oils unless mixed in milk or honey before adding to bath. Great in bath salts & sugar scrubs.
To stimulate the skin & the lymphatic system use a natural bristle brush with two or three drops of an eo or blend to the bristles and LIGHTLY brush your skin towards the heart. 

Add about 5-10 drops to water & use to purify & cleanse countertops & other surfaces. Essential oils may also be added directly onto a broom or dust cloth to uplift the spirits while cleaning & add antibacterial qualities as well as a refreshing scent. Adding drops into toilet basins will purify air as well as disinfect. Fill dish with water & essential oils to add antiviral, antimicrobial properties to air quality. Enhance the air quality with a diffusor also.
Add a few drops into the water in which you soak the compress fabric. Be certain to extend the eo synergy onto the fabric for safe & effective application.
Add about 5 drops to steaming water, cover head with “towel tent”, close eyes & breathe & in to tone, stimulate & decongest. Be cautious of heat with this time honored old fashioned method. Really opens you up!
Drop 1-2 drops into affected area, rub hands together & inhale. Place 1-2 drops per cup of water for a rinse, wash or hot compress. Use in a base to apply to larger areas of the body & for massage. A cotton ball wetted with a pure hydrosol serves as a base to apply solutions.


One may use a nebulizer for inhalation as needed.


A cool mist is advised. Add the eo to the water for atmosphere & air purification.


Place about 1 ml of the appropriate essential oil into 1 pint of water & spray the desired area using hand sprayer. Also, for indoor pest control, place a few drops on fan blades.
When camping out or hiking & exposing much of the skin use the essential oils in a jojoba base & apply prior to the activity. Note: Lavender is one of the few essential oils that can be applied “neat” on the extremities. This essential oil is also safe to apply directly onto clothing as it will not stain, so it may be applied directly onto outdoor garments as a repellant.


Add a combination of essential oils into pure water, a hydrosol or aloe vera as a natural & safe hand sanitizer. May also spritz into the air if in water for purification & germ busting. 

To help balance out any possible contaminants such as city water chlorine, put a few drops into the wash water after the washer is full (to avoid possible staining). As a freshener, put a few drops on a designated handkerchief/linen & place in the dryer before drying. Be careful of the resins as they may stain, use clear essential oils for this purpose. Research indicates that adding Eucalyptus into to the washing machine may kill dust mites in bedding. Lavender is known to prevent insect invasion & adds a lovely relaxing scent to sheets & towels. Lemon essential oil will help to remove residual oil from sheets & towels especially.


Always extend essential oils before applying directly onto body. Synergies work best for the holistic way. Look to my formulations for ideas on what to mix for body & mind & Spirit wellness. 

Place 3-4 drops on candles (be sure to use soy or beeswax, toxic paraffin will negate the healing qualities of the oils), 1 drop on sacred objects, scarves, shawls, stones, sculptures, & clay vessels, follow instructions for PURE PARFUMS below.


Anoint pulse points. Place 1-2 drops on hairbrush, comb or hands & run through hair, 1-2 drops on old fashion folding fan, handkerchief, shawls or scarves. Scented gloves were historically popular. Parfums & Beautiful Scented Blends extend nicely into a jojoba base to lavishly be applied onto the whole body. If light enough, the intimate areas may be anointed & massaged for sensual pleasures.


Using lemon eo with water is my favorite way to wash windows & clean mirrors; add to vinegar also.