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        All Nature’s Spirit products should be used with free will and knowledge. 

The catalog lists safe ways of using essential oils in greater detail than this summary. 

Although we use only pure natural botanicals, there may be some adversity to a plant that an individual has. Everyone has a unique chemistry & with this knowing,one must choose what resonates with them.  We NEVER prescribe, we are not doctors  and we make no claim to heal others. Simply put, we offer pure botanicals that hold  beneficial attributes that are historical and also have been proven to be quite effective with the proof of many scientific studies.

Please use with care. Essential oils are highly concentrated and typically should be extended into a natural carrier base to topical application. They should NOT normally be taken internally. One should be aware of any allergies or adversities to a plant and avoid that essential oil or base. If there is any discomfort or the sense of not being right, honor that and discontinue use. 

With this disclaimer I want to emphasize that I, Doreen, have been using the blends since 1988 and have had tremendous positive results in multitudes of ways. And through the decades literally hundreds of people have been assisted with these products with amazing results.

Terms of Sale

When ordering please allow up to 2 weeks for delivery. 

Due to the Nature of the product, we do not accept returns.

Thank you for being part of Nature’s Spirit. Every blend is created with intention & Love.


                        Doreen & Thomas