Frequently Asked Questions

I have asthma, is there anything that can help?

I have 3 blends that we made with that in mind, Respiry, Peaceful Breath, and Sage Web. They are to be massaged on the chest, back, sinuses, key acupressure points, and the feet. Essentials oils such as Hyssop can be used during breathin distress. This be inhaled to help oxygenate and be used in the atmosphere.

What are the differences in the strength of your blends.

The Theraputic Strength Blends are for specific health applications and for use as pure parfums. These blands are actually unguents that conatin a high concentration (15 to 20%) of pure essential oils in a base of jojoba to help alleviate problems, promote healing, and enhance well-being (such as a pulled muscle).
The Light Essences (LE) are for general well- being, some skin care and offer extremely subtle, soothing scents.

Why do you use jojoba as a base oil?

Doreen uses 100% pure, extra virgin, cold pressed jojoba because it is odorless, of cosmetic quality liquid wax, it has a very long shelf life and is unparalleled for holistic skin care.

Where are your oils from?

Nature's Spirit Oils contain only the highest quality ingredients. The essential oils are carefully chosen from theur preferred morphogenic zones and are importred from worldwide. They are certified to be wild crafed and/ or organic whenever possible.

What is a good aphrodisiac?

I have a blend called Cupid's Quiver which may be used for personal body anoitment and sensuality.

What is the best essential oil for insect repellant?

Lavendar is the most effective for mosquito repellent and also for skin care if bitten.